About Me

My name is Crystal Sargent, I am a mom of 3 living in Southern Maine. I have been interested in photography since I was a young child, driving my parents crazy with developing costs. “Do we really need a 100th print of the dog?” Through the years photography was a hobby, I took classes to expand my knowledge of the dark room, lighting, and digital editing.

After my first daughter was born, taking pictures turned into something much more, I could not get enough of capturing every moment/detail of this little baby. I must have taken nearly 1000 pictures in the first few days she came home. As she grew, so did my love for photography.

A million clicks later, I now have 3 children and a passion that has lead me to start my own business taking photos of other beautiful families and children. I am looking forward to what great new chapter this brings to my life and am certainly enjoying the journey with my camera in hand.