A Lesson in Momography

This past Christmas, I decided to make some photo gifts for family members and friends. I have a TON of photos of my children since they are always my test subjects for new backdrops and props. What I quickly became sadly aware of is that I have 3 pictures of my 3 inspirations in the same photo…TOTAL! My youngest is 18 months and I was just shocked at the realization that there was so few pictures of them together in this amount of time.

I can make up many excuses for this, different schedules, activities, nap times, etc. It certainly isn’t easy to bring 3 young children together that have a hard time sitting still for more than 30 second intervals, but I resolved to change my ways and take those extra seconds to capture those moments of sibling love. After all aren’t these the photos which they will cherish most. It doesn’t matter if they are looking at the camera or smiling or sitting still, because that would not be REAL. Someday when they are all adults they may laugh at the fact that baby sister is pulling big brothers hair.

web-2The lesson learned in this for me was that I need to step out of my photographer role sometimes and just be mom. I’m not a client paying for the perfect smiles. I am looking to capture the real moments of mine and my children’s lives as we are living them. The good, the bad, the smiles and the hair pulling.